Claire Arnstein - Writer & Photographer

Originally from the UK, I started on this somewhat nomadic adventure in 2008, just my husband, and I. Twelve years, two children and five international moves later we find ourselves living in a small friendly village just outside Basel, enjoying all that Swiss life has to offer. I love nothing more than heading out with my camera and documenting this incredible country that I feel so lucky to call our adopted home (which you can see on our Instagram).

Favourite z’Nüni …  A fresh pot of hot English Breakfast tea and warm croissants just out of the oven with homemade raspberry jam. 

Favourite Swiss dish … Fondue

Favourite day trip … Hiking the Wasserfallen region of Baselland.

Favourite Swiss cliche … Quiet hours. Having lived in Central London, this idea seemed admirable but entirely unfeasible when we first arrived. But now I’m the one twitching the curtains at even the slightest noise during lunchtime or after 10pm!

Never leave home without … My camera. My family are very used to me spontaneously pulling over to the side of the road to get a quick shot.

A surprising fact … In the early 90s I starred in a ‘Chicken Tonight’ advert. You remember the one… lots of people with big grins on their faces flapping their arms like a chicken whilst waiting for their dinner. Yep – I was one of those people! 

Favourite Swiss cheese … Emmental

Favourite Swiss chocolate … Läderach FrischSchoggi.

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